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The Coming of Gaia...

Greetings, fellow comic enthusiasts! The cosmos is buzzing with excitement as we announce the imminent release of Fr3sh's groundbreaking comic, "Seth in The Multiverse: The Coming of Gaia." Strap in for a rollercoaster ride through a mind-bending multiverse where gods clash, destinies unfold, and the very fabric of reality trembles.


Unveiling the Cosmic Tapestry


Dive headfirst into the awe-inspiring narrative of Seth, the god tasked with maintaining balance across the multiverse. The saga kicks off with an unexpected twist as Seth confronts his envious brother, Upanah, the god of jealousy. Upanah's covetous desires and jealousy towards Seth's connection with mortals lead to a cataclysmic clash that spans across universes.


A Clash of Titans: Seth vs. Upanah


As the gods battle, the very essence of existence is at stake. Reality itself quivers with each swing they take at one another, and the fate of countless worlds hangs in the balance. Amid the chaos emerges Gaia, an ancient and formidable power capable of altering destiny. The stage is set for an epic confrontation that transcends the divine realm.


More Than Gods and Battles


"Seth in The Multiverse: The Coming of Gaia" is not just a cosmic battle; it's a profound journey of self-discovery, sacrifice, and resilience. Readers will find themselves immersed in reflections on envy, the delicate balance of the multiverse, and the equilibrium that must be maintained to preserve cosmic order.


Anticipation Builds, Mysteries Unfold


As the story unfolds, the anticipation builds. Will Seth and Upanah find common ground, or will chaos reign supreme? The climax promises to unveil the long-hidden truth at the core of this celestial conflict. Get ready for an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, craving more.


Welcome to "The Fr3sh Comics Multiverse"


More than just a comic, this is an epic journey into a multiverse of gods, mortals, and universal beings. Fr3sh Comics™ invites you to explore a depth of storytelling rarely found in the medium. Prepare to be captivated by the intricacies of Seth's journey and the mysteries that lie within "The Fr3sh Comics Multiverse."


Pre-Order Now – Be Part of the Cosmic Excitement


Be among the first to experience the cosmic spectacle! Pre-order "Seth in The Multiverse: The Coming of Gaia" now and secure your place in the cosmic adventure. Don't miss out on this chance to delve into a multiverse teeming with adventure, mystery, and intrigue.


Embark on a cosmic odyssey with Fr3sh's Seth in The Multiverse: The Coming of Gaia. Order now and join us on a journey that transcends dimensions and redefines the very essence of comic storytelling.


Stay tuned for the official release date, and prepare to witness the birth of a new era in the world of comics! 

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