The use of cookies and other similar technologies by Fr3sh on its website is described in this cookie policy. The information in this cookie policy may occasionally be changed by Fr3sh. For purposes of using the Fr3sh services, only the most recent version is applicable. 

What are Cookies?

We shall simply refer to cookies and related technologies as "cookies" for the sake of simplicity. We refer to the following elements when we say this. 
Cookies are small files that are placed and read in the browser of your computer, smartphone or other device (hereinafter referred to as ‘Device’) when using this website. Cookies can occasionally be transient (known as "Session Cookies") and are removed when the browser is closed. Other cookies, known as "Permanent Cookies," like the one that remembers you are logged in, stay on your computer or device until they expire or you erase them. 
Tags and pixels are interchangeable terms. When you access this website, your browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer) will run these pieces of code. These pieces of code have the ability to store information about your Device, including Cookies, your IP address, and other data. Cookies and Tags may be set either directly by Fr3sh (referred to as "First Party Cookies") or by third parties that Fr3sh uses to provide a particular service such as Shopify (referred to as "Third Party Cookies"). 

Why does Fr3sh use cookies? 

Cookies are used by Fr3sh for the following purposes: 
  • "Necessary cookies" are those that the website needs to function properly. 
  • "Analytical cookies" to gather data on how the website is used. These statistics are compiled using data from a large number of users, making it impossible to identify particular visitors like you.

Necessary Cookies

Cookies that ensure the page loads properly and displays at its best for your screen resolution are two examples of these essential cookies that are required to utilize this website.

Analytical Cookies

These track how our websites and apps are used. They enable us to find issues or enhance functionality.
Examples include cookies that track the number of visitors, the length of a visit, and the sequence of pages visited. Test designs and identify error messages to improve the user experience.

How do I remove or turn off cookies?

At any moment, you may disable or remove as well as control or prevent the installation of cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Additionally, you may always remove cookies that have already been set up on your computer or mobile device. 
Please be aware that this website could stop functioning properly if you delete or disable cookies in your browser.
Finally, we advise reading the Fr3sh Privacy Policy as well. After all, there is a link between our cookie policy and the privacy policy. Additionally, the Privacy Policy explains the kind of personal information we may get about you when you use our services, why we gather it, and how we use and manage it.

Details or Complaints 

You can get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or grievances about the Services or our cookie rules. Please email us if you have any inquiries about our services or products. 
Please be aware that email exchanges are not always safe, therefore you should avoid sending us any sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) by email.