The embodiment of Jealousy, a cosmological entity that will not exist forever.

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The powers are each assigned a different number, indicating their level of potency on a scale from 1 to 10.

Superhuman Speed

With boots from the eternal tree, granted by Gaia, he possesses Superhuman Speed, racing faster than light, making him the multiverse's fastest being, limited to his universe. His speed decreases across dimensions, but his prowess remains unmatched.


Superhuman Strength

Upanah possesses Superhuman Strength, which allows him to demonstrate unparalleled physical power surpassing that of regular humans. With this extraordinary ability, he effortlessly lifts, pushes, or strikes with tremendous force, easily overcoming any obstacles or adversaries in his path.


Size Alteration

Size Alteration allows him to manipulate dimensions, resize objects, or himself. In his universe, commonly, he uses this power to readjust his universe to his liking. If in battle, he may use this power to overcome his opponent which makes him outsmart his opponent in many ways. 



Born as the first son of Gaia, makes him the first god of the Multiverse. He exists endlessly, evading the consequences of aging, sickness, and harm. 


Energy Manipulation

Upanah's typical ranged attack, as well as his favored one, involves unleashing a yellow blast from his staff crafted from the eternal tree. This blast's size can vary the size based on the harvested energy. When infused with enough strength, it holds the potential to dissolve the boundaries of dimensions.


Regenerative Healing Factor

He cannot be injured as he is immortal, but there is an exception. The sons of Gaia are so powerful that they can hurt and even kill each other. If or when this happens, Upanah's body can regenerate damaged tissue and organs at a remarkably accelerated rate, enabling him to heal rapidly, even from life-threatening conditions. 


Speed Thinking

Speed Thinking refers to the ability to rapidly process information, analyze situations, and generate creative solutions in a short span of time. This power enables individuals to make quick and effective decisions, adapt to changing circumstances, and grasp complex concepts swiftly. It can be advantageous in problem-solving, decision-making, and strategic planning, enhancing productivity and innovation.


Enhanced Senses

With heightened sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, he gains the ability to perceive even the most subtle details, anticipate potential threats, and empathically sense emotions.


Superhuman Stamina

This god can fight for eternity, as he harnesses his stamina from the Multiverse that will exist forever which makes him never tired or out of breath.



Upanah's move where he can use illusions and hallucinates the opponent can trick them and can only use them if he feels outmatched. He can create figures of himself and show a demonic vision of his past jealousy.



Upanah possesses the power of Allspeak, a remarkable ability enabling him to grasp and converse in any language. With this incredible gift, he effortlessly communicates with individuals, breaking down all linguistic barriers that may exist between them.


Dimensional Travel

He can run so fast that he tears open space to create a portal. He envisions his desired destination, and the portal leads him there in an instant.



Upanah wields a honed skill of deception acquired over his immortal existence. This expertise synergizes with his Hallucikinesis, enabling him to craft flawless illusions. Through the fusion of these abilities, he weaves intricate deceptions that even deceive the mightiest entities across the Fr3sh Multiverse, showcasing his mastery of manipulating perception and reality.

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Upanah and Gaia's progeny, immortal guardians of the multiverse, hold unique purposes. They evade oblivion, conquerable solely by weapons hewn from Gaia's eternal tree. Upon dying by an eternal tree's weapon, they reunite with The One in a place beyond time, gaining mysterious gifts like strength and wisdom upon return. Gift specifics remain undisclosed.

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