Gaia, a character in the Fr3sh comics, is a powerful being known as the mother of all living things. Her creation was ordained by The One, who granted her unlimited powers to create life and protect it against cosmic threats. One fateful day, The One presented Gaia with a difficult choice. She was given the option to rip her heart into nine pieces, which would become known as the children of Gaia. Despite the pain and sacrifice it would entail, Gaia bravely accepted the task, knowing that it was necessary for the preservation of life.
With her newfound progeny, Gaia set out to fulfill her mission. She used her incredible power to create and nurture a vast array of living beings, both great and small. She also dedicated herself to protecting her creations from harm, using her immense strength and wisdom to fend off any threats that arose.


Guiding Gaia on her eternal destiny is an all-knowing being of life, limited only to the confines of the universe. This force offers Gaia counsel and direction, ensuring that she fulfills her purpose and continues to safeguard all that lives within her domain.


As a brand, Fr3sh embodies the same spirit of creation and vitality that Gaia represents. By mixing the two, Fr3sh is able to tap into the power and symbolism of this iconic character, creating a powerful symbol of life and renewal.